How to Use Bailiwick

Bailiwick is designed to help investigative reporters.

As a reporter, your beat is probably either national or local. Either way, you can follow the elections or the candidates that matter most to you.

To follow a candidate, look up the candidate's name or FEC id. There will be a button below the candidate's name that says "Follow." Click it. You'll need to log in or set up an account. Once you are logged in, the Bailiwick front page will show all the candidates you are following.

To receive alerts about this candidate, go to your settings page and set up a Slack integration. Pick a channel on Slack that you want Bailiwick to post to. Authorize the Bailiwick bot just as you would authorize any other Slack bot. The bot will post to the channel every time there is a new filing by a group that has donated to the campaign of the candidate you are following. Bailiwick only offers Slack alerts. For email or SMS alerts, we recommend using Scout. The advantage to using Bailiwick for alerts is that we track ALL groups associated with a candidate's campaign. If a superPAC makes an independent expenditure in support of (or in opposition to) a candidate you are following, you will get an alert. In other tools, you have to know which superPACs are spending around which candidates, and you have to set up the alert on each separate superPAC. Bailiwick takes care of that for you. In the near future, we'll also send Slack alerts about different story ideas.

To follow all of the frontrunners in a particular race, go to the page for that political race. There are pages for 2016 Senate races, House races, and the Presidential race. If you click the "Watch" button on a race, you will automatically follow all of the frontrunners in this race.

To stop following a candidate, go to your settings page, available at the top right of the screen when you are logged in. Click unfollow. Or, go to the candidate's page and click the star to unfollow.

Frontrunners are usually candidates who have raised more than the statutory threshold of $5,000. In certain cases, such as the 2016 US Presidential race, we hand-curate the list of frontrunners. Get in touch if you'd like this service for a race you are following.

Story ideas are being added incrementally. To browse for story ideas, click story ideas from the Bailiwick home page.